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Rentch Enterprises, Inc.

Derksen Buildings - Uvalde, Texas

(830) 591-1155

Robert R. Rentch  -  Lea M. Rentch

Rentch Enterprises is a Family orientated business in Uvalde, Texas. Rentch Enterprises was established in 1991. The original and current owners are Robert R. Rentch and Lea M. Rentch. The Rentch family is 100% committed to Derksen Buildings and is proud of the new factory being built in Uvalde, Texas. The huge demand for quality portable buildings and the reputation of Derksen Buildings became the perfect opportunity for the Rentch family. Quality materials, construction, and workmanship are found in our products. Rentch Enterprises strives to provide excellent customer service to compliment our quality products. We work hard Monday thru Saturday, but are always closed Sunday.

Office Hours:

Monday thru Thursday 10AM - 5PM

Friday and Saturday 10AM - 3PM

Sunday - Closed 


The Rentch Family

Kyle Rentch - Robert Rentch - Lea Rentch - Lauren Rentch

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